Mobile Applications Testing

Mobile Applications Testing

With more and more businesses moving towards to mobile, we understand the intention of every business owner to have their presence in the mobile space. Also, with the release of new mobile handsets, with updated Software and Firmware, you would want to make sure all the functionalities are intact and the app is compatible and works as expected across platforms and devices. Our lab is equipped with a variety of iOS and Android devices to carry out testing activities efficiently across different screen sizes, OS versions and display resolutions etc.

  1. iOS Devices:

    iPhone from 4th generation to latest, iPads from 2nd generation to latest and iTouch devices from 4th generation to latest. As an industry standard we also make sure that your iOS apps runs without any issues in the current + the second last iOS versions.

  2. Android devices:

    Android apps testing becomes little tricky with a variety of manufacturers releasing a range of mobile and tablet models. To make things more complicated every Android device differs from other in screen size, screen resolution, OS version (API levels) including Custom ROM’s. It would be next to impossible to test on all the devices, however, we took into account all these challenges and hence our labs have all the flagship models of major manufacturers including but not limited to:

    1. Google Nexus (mobile and tablets)
    2. Samsung Galaxy S series, Note series mobiles and tablets
    3. HTC One series
    4. Motorola and
    5. LG

    With this variety of devices we could detect any device specific issues or memory leak issues before the app is released. The list would keep growing as and when a device becomes a hot seller just to make sure that we test on the widely used/popular mobiles.

    We will give a comprehensive defects report including the following details:

    1. Detailed steps to reproduce.
    2. Environment containing Device, OS, module information.
    3. Test case reference
    4. Screenshot/Videos showing the steps to reproduce the defect.
    5. Any additional information helpful to the developer to reproduce it.

    A sample defect report is shown in the Downloads section. We always use the real devices while testing the apps and we never use any emulators.