About us

Apps Testing and QA Company

MobiAppsQA (Mobile Applications Quality Assurance) is an independent Software testing focused on delivering quality service to the clients who wants to give their business the online form via mobile apps or website. Located in Chennai, India, we provide high quality, cost effective quality assurance services to your website and mobile applications and make sure they have high level of quality before they go live. Founded by industry experts along with the team of experienced QA engineers, we thrive to give our best in every project we undertake. Our team follow a unique strategy of testing the application by following taking the two stages of testing the functionality of the application:

  1. The Traditional (Textbook) approach: Which is executing the Positive and Negative test cases while the application is being built just to make sure the application is behaving the way it should and to check whether the application handles the situation gracefully when an invalid input is given.
  2. The Ad-hoc or out-of-box approach: Executed when the application is stable the ad-hoc testing is about testing randomly without following the specifications. breaking all the rules and doing some actions which are not covered in the test cases
    Our engineers formulate appropriate test strategy and methodology for your product, execute them and report with the appropriate deliverables. We are driven by the commitment to quality.